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Experience Kvenvær’s beautiful coastline up close by having a relaxing sauna session, renting a boat or going kayak paddling.

All of our cabins are located close to the dock where you find all of these activities.

You can book one of these activities right now, using our fully automated booking system below. We also offer other activities, which you can book by contacting our staff. Read more below!

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Customize Your Own Acitivity Program

We offer tailor-made activity programs for those seeking excitement, as well as those desiring more relaxed experiences, whether it’s a vacation, company trip, surprise excursion, or a team-building event for small or large groups.

More Activities We Offer

• Guided archipelago tours

• Crab fishing

• Eagle safaris

• Visits to local businesses like Hitra Farm Food and Frøya Brewery

• Tonningen round trip hiking

• Fishing

• Freediving

• Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

• And more